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Functional Data Analysis

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    Data Mining and Visualization

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    Business Statistics

  • Homepage

    Quantitative Methods in Economics

  • 2013 Spring Homepage

    Multivariate Analysis

  • 2012 Fall Homepage

    Statistical Inference

  • 2020/21 Fall/Spring Homepage

    MA4704 TECHNOLOGICAL MATHEMATICS 4 - Probability and Statistics for Technology

  • 2012 Spring Homepage

    MA 4004 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 4 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers

  • 2012 Spring Homepage

    FMS091/MAS221 Monte Carlo and Empirical Methods for Statistical Inference

  • Course official webpage
  • 2007 Homework Assignment and Additional Materials
  • 2007 Course Final Report/Student Evaluation

    FMS065 Statistical Methods for Safety Analysis

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  • 2011 Course Final Report/Student Evaluation

    BINP12 Biostatistics

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  • Textbook online
  • Data Sets

    Wiener Chaos Expansions

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    Functional Analysis for Probabilists

  • Homepage

    FMS072/MASC05 Design of Experiments

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    Statistics for Nanophysics

  • Homepage

    Stochastic Processes and their Applications

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    Monte Carlo Methods

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