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  • Lund University Library

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  • Elsevier Dashboard (jak zwykle z gmail)

  • Research Gate

  • Springer Link - Access to all books and articles

    Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, language references, etc.:

  • How to write math in English?

  • Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia in English

  • Pronounce it in English

  • Google Translate

  • Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Word POWER - English Grammar resource

  • Writeful -- checking gramma in Latex (or Word)

  • English Grammar resource with online exercises

  • Dodanie polskich znakow do tekstu w jezyku polskim, ale bez nich.
    People's Swedish English Dictionary - Self-improving

  • Swedish Synonyms

  • Swedish Antonyms

  • Swedish English Dictionary-LEXIN

  • Swedish English Dictionary-FREE_DICT

  • Swedish English Dictionary-Higher Education Oriented

  • Swedish Multilingual Dictionary-(polish, english etc.)

  • Another Swedish Multilingual Dictionary-(polish, english etc.)

  • Swedish English Dictionary-FOREIGN_wORD

  • Transformacja tekstu na polskie trzcionki -

  • Polish English Dictionary-DICT

    Swedish Newspapers On Line:

  • Dagens Nyheter

  • Svenska Dagbladet

  • Sydsvenska Dagbladet

  • Helsingborgs Dagblad

    Maps of Sweden:

  • Interactive map and address search associated with the real estate site HEMNET - HITTA.SE

  • Another popular and useful interactive map and address search - ENIRO.SE

  • Good source of information about Sweden including maps - SWEDEN.SE

    Mathematics and Statistics: Societies, Online Resources, Conferences etc.

  • Publons: keeping track of my reviewing -- a portal that I have subscribed to, @LU + jz, e-mail to send the review:

  • Journals abbreviations

  • Certificates of journal reviews at Springer.

  • AMS

  • American Statistical Association

  • AMS Subject Classification 2010

  • Mathematical Reviews - Submission

  • Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

  • - archive for unreviewed research papers (login ``jak zwykle'')

  • Wiley Inter Science Resources - Online (free)

  • Scholar Google - Research Search Engine

  • Statistik Framjandet

  • Bayesian-Inference

  • Understanding Uncertainty -- Website

  • All-Russian Mathematical Portal

    Calendar of interesting events

  • 5th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on COMPUTING & STATISTICS (ERCIM 2012) 1-3 December 2012, Conference Centre, Oviedo, Spain

  • 6th CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2012) 1-3 December 2012, Conference Centre, Oviedo, Spain

    Information on Statistical and Mathematical Journals:

  • Extremes

  • Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference

  • Econometrics and Statistics

  • Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice

  • Latest Impact Factors Statistic Elsevier

  • Ranking of Statistical Journal - Australia

  • Stochastic Models

  • Delta - excellent monthly on mathematics and physics

    Sources of Interesting Data:

  • Mortality Database Login e-mail Haslo Jak Zwykle

  • Interesting site with a lot of data

  • List of interesting big data size


  • Helsingborg

  • some info how to find apartments in Lund

  • Mighty Leaf -- Tea Company

    Jobs in Mathematics/Statistics:

  • Math-jobs

  • Math-jobs in Scandinavian countries

  • Jobs in Academia - Europe

  • Jobs in Statistics - Purdue website

  • Jobs in Statistics - IMS

  • Jobs in Statistics - ASA

  • Jobs in Statistics - University of Florida website

  • Jobs in Statistics - University of Washington website