Programming resources

Web-based Overleaf Latex for collaborations
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Verbosus: Web-based frontend for running Latex and Octave/Matlab
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Doing mathematics using opensource (downloaded starting from command line on Mac)

Doing distributed programming gmail to login haslo jak zwykle pierwsza duza 2 i hash

Manual about writing packages in R

HTML Manual

HTML Reference List

Foreign Characters in HTML

Generating color codes from color wheel

CoCoA - system for symbolic and exact integer computations

Latex equation viewer - online

LaTeX-Slide: The Beamer Class

LaTeX-Slide - Example

LaTeX-Slide: Prosper

LaTeX-Slide Resources

MatLab Statistical Toolbox

Short Guide to Math in Latex (from AMS)

Good Tips to display Math in Latex (from AMS)

Another useful tutorial (vertical spacing)

On placing floats in latex

Comprehensive list of symbols in Latex - very useful

JabRef - BibTeX front end in Java (similar to the one on Mac)

`tex2bib' --Excellent tool for `thebibliography' to `.bib' translator, registration jak zwykle

Plotly - a nice graphical tool both self-standing (webpage) and as a frontend to R, Python and others

Online table and bibtex editor - a nice tool for creating different formats of tables

Some useful little tips for various programs:

  • From flac to mp3 in Ubuntu: This worked great, but make sure you have ``lame'' and ``flac''
    sudo apt-get install flac
    sudo apt-get install lame
    Then in the folder with all the .flac files:
    for f in *.flac; do flac -cd "$f" | lame -b 320 - "${f%.*}".mp3; done
  • This allows to transfer .eps file to .pdf keeping the original size of figure: ps2pdf -dEPSCrop fig1.eps fig1a.pdf
  • Taking -dEPSFitPage instead of -dEPSCrop can be also useful (if you want just to avoid cutting off some parts of figures but keeping the full page size for .pdf).
  • Blocking Adds on Firefox: Adblock Plus
  • Take this link to get info on some useful tricks for Aspire One computer, including how to become root owner of your programs: AspireOne
  • MATLAB can be accessed with my university e-mail z haslem jak LUCAT
  • To become a root owner on linux one can do 'sudo su' ('su' itself was not working on lenovo installed linux)
  • Currently Matlab on my Ubuntu is working only from the command line, using root login, and starting from the directory `/usr/local/MATLAB/R2013a/bin' with command `./matlab'.
  • Alternatively, MATLAB can be started from any directory by executing `sudo matlab'
  • The following link is to a file that starts Lund University computer lab session remotely RDS_StatisticsLabs.RDP
  • The following start a front end for R from the command line: ``library(Rcmdr)'', loading workspace ``load(Krys_workdata.RData)''
  • Computer services at Lund University
  • Link to get Google in English Google in English
  • Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder -- excellent tool for preparing online teaching and study materials (installed on your computer)